The stuff of nightmares

Ahh so here I am again. Moany McMoanFace. Whingy McWhingeBag.

Speaking of that – if this bloody Referendum ‘has to stand as a democratic act’ then I think we should demand Boaty McBoatFace is given its true name.


Yes, we are all quite whingy and annoying us ousted Liberals, but you know what – everything is total shit right now.

After humiliating us all further when speaking in Brussels last week (seriously, are you like 5 years old Nigel? Shouting at people they’ve never had a real job? Twit.) – he has now announced he wants his life back and has resigned.

Don’t get me wrong, I do want him to disappear the F off, however part of me also thinks he should have to face up to the pile of crap he has helped cause. My only consolation is the realisation that for the most part he faces a lengthy future knowing that wherever he goes, be it petrol station, cinema or pub – chances are someone will call him something amusing to his face. But he won’t find that amusing for long.

That leads me to the Tories and their little scrabble to rescue us all by delivering an anointed leader. The selection of people genuinely sends a shiver down my spine. I know we basically can’t believe much of anything in the press, but the variety of terrible things being written about them all – without apparent risk of being sued – tells me that this aint a great bunch of people to lead a nation. This evening I have gleaned that one of them has been in support of small companies not having to observe any workers rights and Teresa May apparently refuses to confirm that EU citizens already living in the UK  are not going to be repatriated.

WTF Teresa? If this is your big plan to negotiate with the powers that be in Europe, well – I am guessing they might not like that kind of thing. Which spells a lot of trouble for British people living in Europe, either now or in the future.


And Michael Gove – well, apparently he tweeted this morning “We need to renegotiate a new relationship with the EU, based on free trade and friendly cooperation.

Seriously Gove?


He has of course been punished the modern way, by being crucified on twitter. My favourite response is:

Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? We had one of those you haunted pork mannequin.

(Check it out on the Huffington Post)

People are definitely getting better at coming up with insults, that’s one positive.

I’m clearly not a political expert. Like 99.9% of the British population I cannot claim to have a full understanding of our current situation. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that what is happening is pretty much massively rubbish.

The trolls are out in force, of course. I have virtually had to cut myself off of social media entirely, because of the rage it’s bringing out in me at the plethora of nasty comments I am seeing everywhere. How anyone can troll Caroline Lucas, who genuinely must be the nicest (if not – only nice?) politician out there is BEYOND ME!!!!!!!

In good news, the general personal rage has definitely subsided. The sadness has also ebbed. I am starting to regain normality little by little – but don’t think that means I am not pissed off still. Because I am. I don’t think I will ever not be angry about this.

However, in an attempt to ‘find joy in the every day’ or whatever happy hippy bull shit I purport to be doing … here goes.


Well, I cleared a lot of work backlog today? Boring, but always satisfying.

I chased Kasper round the sofa with a fakey tasmanian devil, he chased me with a monkey.

Kasper gave me his first attempt at a funny story, which went something like ‘Daddy ate all the cake’. Given that it’s only Mummy who even eats cake in this house, I laughed my little booty off.

I spoke to an old friend who told me her and her family were going to Amsterdam for a day. Yes people – we can still do these things – we can visit Amsterdam in a day! Sounds quite tiring if I am honest, but let’s do it anyway.

And finally… Kasper had a haircut and was a total cutie pie, which is never guaranteed so I ticked it off as a success.

For the cheese record – I have mainly consumed a nice wedge of brie. Does what it says on the tin, nout can go wrong with a wedge of brie.

That is all. What can I say, it’s Tuesday!

Moany McMoanFace

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