So here we are, Day 8. Day 8 since Britain officially lost its bloody mind.

I haven’t written a blog post for nearly a year.

Why? All the usual reasons, life got busy on me. I’m a working Mum with a toddler, and my all pervading fatigue simply got in the way. Plus, I thought I was never going to be able to produce enough unique and visually appealing Hemsley style cheese posts. So I stopped.

But now I am back. Because for the last 8 days I have been filled with an enormous sense of rage and sadness and anger and fury – and the only thing I can think of doing is writing. I have missed it.

So here I am. I’m not going to lie, the main cheese that has been eaten this week has been cobbled together cheese toasties – but so what. Because bigger things are going on in the world, and sometimes the only thing which helps is a cheese toastie.

And this blog is called ‘My life with Cheese’. So I am going to start writing about just that. My Life, with cheese. And if no one reads it then so be it, I don’t give a shit. Because I actually need to write this right now, it’s that or go completely insane!

So here we are, Day 8. Day 8 since Britain officially lost its bloody mind.

When I woke up at 4.30am on the morning of Friday 24th June it was to the sound of Adam crawling into bed going ‘I think it’s all over. It’s an Out vote’.

I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t.

The boiling rage that waged up in me from that moment has only barely subsided, it took about 6 days for me not to feel overwhelmingly physically furious and grief stricken.

Why? Why? Why have you done this? This 17.4 million of you – why???????????

If you hadn’t already guessed I was and am a staunch Remain voter. No part of me has any understanding of why a British person would vote to leave the European Union. I have always considered it to be a good thing. A thing that British people should be proud of.

Yes, it is not perfect and yes I completely agree that it could be improved upon – but I strongly believe it would be better to fix it from within. Not by removing ourselves from it, especially in the ridiculous manner we have done so – it is awful. Awful!

I do not understand why people think it is so bad that we should leave, at any cost. Why did people make this decision when they didn’t have a true understanding of what the consequences of leaving would be?

I have not been measured in my response. I am not one of those people who was a bit pissed off but after a couple of days started sharing Winnie the Pooh posts about how I could never belittle my friends or loved ones over a simple matter such as a vote.

Oh no.

I think that if you voted to Leave you made a dreadful mistake, and I have made my feelings extremely clear. Probably pissing off quite a few older people I know (most of whom voted out), and no doubt some younger ones too. I’m not especially proud of having such a drastic reaction – but here’s the thing. I also don’t really give a toss because I want people to know how angry I am.

This ridiculous referendum should never have happened. The fall out since is further evidence of that. Neither the Conservatives or Labour expected this to happen and they have no plan – it is a total and utter shambles. An embarrassment.

I do not think the British people were given enough correct information to make an informed decision. But more importantly than that – I do not think the vast majority of the population – say 99% – have enough understanding of all of the issues involved to EVER make an informed decision about this.

We are never trusted to make a decision on other important issues like oh, say – going to war! So why this?

Over the last week I have read many interesting articles and blogs about this, all far more eloquent and knowledgable than mine – my favourite being Katy Boo’s Blog.

What I have started to see is a recurring theme – the anger of liberal people at what they see as an enormous loss, and ultimately – a loss of their and their children’s rights.

The important thing now is that we channel this anger into positive, tangible change for the better.

How to do this is the difficult part. That is for everyone to decide by themselves.

For me I think the answer will lie in actually joining a political party for the first time ever (jury is still out on which one).

Plus other things. Doing some kind of good, be that volunteering or donating. Anything that makes me feel a bit better about the state of the world and bringing positivity back into the community.

But it also needs to be about finding joy in the every day again.

I  appreciate that there are many, many, many worse things that happen to people than what has happened to the British this past week – but for me, bar mass murder, this is the worst thing to happen to this country in decades. The flurry of racist attacks that have happened since, the simple nature of being so divided – across not only communities but families. My own family.

So as well as posting ranty mostly nonsensical posts about political topics I admit to not really having a full grasp of, I am also going to write here about finding joy.

Today’s joy?

Taking my Mother and my Son for lunch to a newly discovered Italian deli and eating  an absolutely, hands down DELICIOUS meal of eggs, prosciutto and taleggio cheese.

Taleggio. Now you can’t get better than that.

Kasper enjoying voting – his 3rd experience! Or as he’d say, ‘boating’!



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