In need of a Young Buck!


I seem to have taken an unintentional summer break from blogging. But as it is now officially Autumn (ok maybe not but it certainly seems like it looking out the window this week) I find myself here again.

I happened to be in the locale of London’s best food market today – Borough Market – and as I traipsed through the rain dodging puddles I couldn’t resist a visit to one of my favourite cheese shops. I have a feeling Neal’s Yard is going to feature quite a lot on this blog!

Anyhoo. A helpful young Yorkshire Lass guided me in the direction of a blue cheese I have never had before. Young Buck from Northern Ireland. It’s got the depth of a stilton but a slightly milder flavour. It’s delish!

Young Buck is the brainchild of Michael Thomson of Mike’s Fancy Cheese

Michael was a young cheese fiend who worked hard to learn his craft, becoming his own master of artisan cheeses through crowdfunding no less. And so we have Young Buck.

I’m not eating this with fancy crackers oh no. This is currently delicious with a simple Jacob’s cracker and a mug of tea.

Jacob’s are one of my fall backs and they always remind me of my Grandpa Angus.

My grandparents lived in a tiny village in Scotland. The front of the house looked out on the sea and the back looked out at a canal, so no matter what you could look out a window and see water.

Every evening Grandpa would go for a walk and often I’d join him. Sometimes it would be along the canal bank, where you’d see yachts mooring up for the evening. Or down to the seafront and along to ‘Ian’s’ beach as we all called it for some reason.

After his walk he’d settle down for a spot of ‘tea’ (the main meal of the day was at lunch of course) which usually seemed to involve a couple Jacob’s crackers,  slices of cheddar or red leicester and perhaps a tomato. All washed down with a cup of tea and a few drafts of his pipe.

The simple pleasures eh.

When it gets to this time of year and I haven’t been to Scotland I find myself missing it. The smell of the ever fresh air, the sea, the mountains. The rain. After the week we’ve had no wonder I’m feeling nostalgic. But Jacob’s crackers and delicious Young Buck will have to do.

Happy Autumn!


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