Cornish Cruncher Delight

IMG_20150612_204037133It’s been a funny week, but all rather good. My sister had a very exciting experience on Tuesday which has made me happy too.

My sister is a teacher and earlier this week none other than Michelle Obama came to visit their school. Isn’t that mental! Michelle Obama. At a school in East London. Wowsers. There is something so impressive and wonderful about that lady. I loved her speech too.

It wasn’t quite on the same scale but I had a surprise too. With Adam working at home and myself working in London (it’s usually the other way round) I had a free pass, so met up with some old friends at a pub garden in Brixton. We had laughs, talked about funny, interesting things and I ate a giant halloumi kebab. Sweet.

One thing about having kids is that you lose the ability to be spontaneous in the evening, so it was very nice to have an unexpected night out.

After all that excitement I have of course been taking a more relaxed pace, quiet and reflective, taking it all in.

With the help of this little beauty. A three year aged cheddar, the rather delicious Cornish Cruncher.

Believe it or not it was created only a few years ago, by Davidstow Creamery in Cornwall. It is quite lovely if you’re in the mood for something sharp, it measures a 7 on the cheese richter scale. Perfect with some leftover Roquefort, green tomato chutney bought from my local farmers market and of course, a lovely glass of red. Yum.


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