The beginning of My life with cheese

It’s British Cheese Week! Which seems like the perfect time to launch my new cheese-love-filled blog ‘My life with Cheese’!

I am a self-confessed cheese freak, as my friends and family can confirm. I thought it was high time I merge my great love of cheese with my other great love of writing, so here I am.

When I’m not gobbling cheese I can be found looking after my little one, going for walks, watching too much Mad Men and more than likely not too far from a bottle of red. Oh and occasionally work gets in the way of cheese hunting.

I foresee this blog being a haven for cheese inspired treats, recipes, restaurants and also simply sharing stories from my life. It’s never too hard for me to bring everything back to cheese, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Ha! She says.

So if, like me, you are a total cheese pig and know exactly how fabulous it is then please keep reading my erstwhile cheese blog.

Shivvie x




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