Somerset Stawley

Today I was fortunate to be working just down the road from Neal’s Yard Dairy in Covent Garden. At the moment I am working one day a week in London and the best bit about that by far is taking a wander on my lunch break. Covent Garden is an amazing location to work in.

For years I was there five days a week, and had the opportunity to buy cheese from Neal’s Yard all the time. Did I? Of course not. I’ve probably been in there about three times. There is something quite overwhelming about it. Any self confessed cheese freak will surely understand what I mean. You walk in, and in front of you is a delightful array of delicious, albeit reasonably expensive, cheeses. How do you know what to choose?

Thankfully there are plenty of tastings on offer. And I am getting my cheese groove on these days ya get me. So today I walked away with half a Stawley. A Somerset goats cheese with a rather pungent smell, but is quite smooth.

After a day in the office sitting here and eating Stawley on oat cakes with a glass of Spanish Red to wash it all down. Well, what more could I ask for. Happy plate time.

It turns out Stawley is made by two relative newcomers to the cheese world, Caroline and Will Atkinson on Hillside Farm in Somerset. Caroline apparently used to work in Neal’s Yard (I swear I didn’t know that when I bought it! Some kind of weird pre-requisite!?) and Will was a Lawyer. Go figure. Now they have a farm in the Somerset countryside where they keep 100 goats and make a few cheeses. Nice.

I’d recommend Stawley if you fancy a different goats cheese. It has a nice, smooth flavour. I suppose it’s on the stronger side, but for me that is just perfect.



3 thoughts on “Somerset Stawley

  1. Glad to have found this blog by another Curd Nerd. Great blog and I will be back soon. I am photographing some Humbolt Fog today. This cheese is an ash covered bit of goat cheese heaven. You must have a great job if you get to drink wine at work. I drink wine at work but my work is cooking and restaurant reviews so that does not count. Cheers from Boulder Colorado!


    1. That sounds like a nice cheese! And what a great job! Sadly I am not allowed to drink wine actually at work, but it is a definite must for when I get home ha ha. Hello from Hertfordshire, UK! And thanks for liking my first post 🙂

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  2. Not such a fan of cheese as yourself though partial to a bit of Roquefort now and then but I have to say the best cheese I ever had in my life was in Somerset nearly forty years ago! Almost maggoty, almost moving around on its own, almost heaven. What a taste!


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